Brion and Anna

The Barony of Bergental, and particularly Mistress Pagan Graeme and Lady Emma MacMinn (event autocrats) for hosting our Coronation.

All of the entertainers - they were amazing and helped to make our Coronation day wonderful.

Master Alexander for his work at getting our Coronation court together.

All of the ladies and gentlemen that have given me favors to bestow on fighters at the war.

Mistress Eleanor LeBrun for designing and spear-heading the Queens favor project and everyone who has worked on the Queens favors for Pennsic. I can not say thank you enough.

To Duchess Christence von Heisler and Master Liam St Liam for their work on the raffles and auctions during our reign.

To Mistress Rose Otter for arranging and scheduling the glorious gifts we will be able to present to our royal cousins at Pennsic, and to the artisans that have given their time and talents to provide us with the amazing works of art we are able to present at Pennsic.

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