Brion and Anna
Royal Odes

Archery Ode

With Royalty, the archers were so graced,
A King and his fair Queen, raised their bows at the line and braced.
Let fly their arrows straight and true
Doth crowned and garbed in royal blue.

A championship match was shot that day
In Carillion so warm, they came from far and near to shoot and play.
The theme was of Grimes Fairy tales.
Twisted stories from beyond the otherworldly veil.

Noble Brion, King of might.
With a long bow so great sets the target in his sight.
Challenges all archers to go to the field,
Rain waves of arrows on the Midrealm shields.

Fair Anna exclaimed "don't laugh at me!"
With a left handed recourve bow, you see.
No one was laughing at our Queen,
She hit the flying Owl, a target so keen.

The Archers of the East
Salute our Royalty, vanquish the villains and the beasts.
Lord Goyachle is the Champaign of our Queen,
By hitting the effigy of Rupert, champion who had been.

Written this day, June 17 Anno Societus 41, on the occasion of Their Majesties participation in their own archery championships
© Nyfain verch Coel (MKA Suzan B. Longo)

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