Brion and Anna
Royal Odes

Stands A Warrior

Stands a warrior, Stands a Fighter
Armor ready, blade on high
Takes no Glory in the killing
but for a king prepared to die

Stands before you
Stands behind you
Stands besdie you in the fray

Stands a warrior
Stands a fighter
Strength and honor wins the day

Strength and honor to the glory
bettle ready at king's command
knows a duty, knows no limit
knows what mind and heart demand


Stands with broad sword mace or flail
Spear or glave, axe or madu
Bastard sward, sheild or long bow
Strong balista or trebuchet


Friends defended, freindship ended
Reuinted or departed
Loss and longing fules the fire
Ever onward come what may


For their Kingdom, for their King
for their Queen and for their faith
For their neighbors
For their loved ones
For their honor
For the day


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* Sheet music provided courtesy of Dalla Olafs kona

© 2005 - Lady Emma MacMinn

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Her Majesty has requested this song be song during the Opening Ceremony processional at Pennsic.

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