Brion and Anna
Royal Odes

King Brion and the Black Knight

Herken to me, good Gentles
These tidings you shall hear
of how our own King Brion met
His lady, Anna Fair.

It fell upon a Witsuntide
In the springtime of the year
That King Brion a-hunting went
For to sport the dear

He harnessed him his rennish steed
And his men did gather round
He swore he never would return
Until adventure found.

His drivers through the forest ran
For to raise the dear
And Twenty knights did ride with him
With their broad arrows clear.

They had not ridden scant a mile,
A scant mile out of town
When he espyed a bonny hind
A beast of great renowne

Then he rode north and he rode south
Till his men fell far behind
But still and ever out of reach
Was the splendid milk-white hind

Then he rode east and he rode west
Till the sun in darkness set
He came unto a little laund
Where ran a fountain wet

King Brion he stood still his steed
And lay his mantle down
Then by the fountain he did rest
Himself upon the ground

When night was gone and day was come
And the sun shone through the wood
Then lady Anna sweet and fair
In front of him there stood.

She stood in a girdle bound with gold
And a gown of velvet green
And never was there a lady more fair
The King had ever seen

Then up and spoke the fair Anna
Fairest in all the land,
"Brave Knight" said she, "wouldst vow to me
To do as I command?"

"One vow I make" said King Brion
"And this I say to thee
That I shall do as thou command
If thou shall marry me".

Spake Fair Anna to King Brion
"This vow thou must fulfill;
To free me from the cruel black knight
who keeps me 'gainst my will".

"Take up thy bow and arrows, King,
Take up they sword amain
And thy wife I shall certes be
When the black knight is slain"

King Brion mounted up his steed
And he's taken up his bow
And with his great sword by his side
Prepared to meet his foe.

The Black Knight to the fountain rode
With all his company
"Fear and tremble King Brion
And stand thou down to me"

Then up and spoke him King Brion
And these were the words said he
"As I do love sweet Anna Fair
I shall stand against thee."

Then to his four and twenty men
The Black Knight did command
To rise against King Brion
Then fast on him to lay hand

But Brion bent his well good bow
That was of trusty tree
Then many a man he did there fell
'Till his good bow broke in three

And when his arrows were all gone
Men pressed on him full fast
He took his great sword from his side
And his bow from him he cast

He took his great sword from his side
And among them all he ran
There left and right he cut them down
He smote to the last man

But many a sword did cut his flesh
That hurt King Brion sore
The ground beneath his own two feet
Was wet with blood and gore

"Alas" then cried sweet Anna fair
"Alas my love", said she
"For King Brion is wounded sore
All for the love of me"

King Brion and the Black Knight fought
And no ground giving none
That when the nightingale had sung
The battle was not done

The Black Knight struck King Brion
To his knees King Brion fell
"Say Farewell to fair Anna,
For I'm sending you to hell"

But fast rose up King Brion
And the Black Knight did give ground,
Then Brion cleaved his helmet through
And gave to him death's wound

Then up and came sweet Anna Fair
Sweet Anna she did cry
To see her true love wounded sore
And feared he would die

She ta'en up her gown so green
And she his woundes bound
And bathed him in the fountain clear
Till he rose hale and sound

"Well do I love to ride in a mist
And shoot in a northern wind
But far better a lady to love
That's come of a noble kin"

Thus ends the tale of King Brion
And Queen Anna so Fair
God send them both eternal bliss
And grant them well to fare.

© 2006 - Elyse Tera
Shire of Panther Vale

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