Brion and Anna
Royal Odes

Sestina for Brion at Crown Tourney

Gather all ye gentles, quick and idle
here the story of victory and glory, blades fast
and honor defended, of knights and armour
poles and shields. Brion took the Tourney field, sword
held high, to win for his bride, an Eastern Throne.
Stalwart, steady, he marched ever forward, without pause.

Warriors came, one by one, no pause
between them, no time for Brion to be idle
in his quest. He was focused on a throne
for Anna. Brion stood strong, shield defending and standing fast
against the axes, poles, the serpent strikes of thirsty swords.
A pillar on the field, Brion stood in his regal armour.

The Tourney was down to Three, no armour
for those defeated. For Brion, Thorvald, and Lucan, no pause
to rest or recover strength. Honor called to lift a sword
and Brion answered. Thorvald was a bear, no idle
shield would defeat him. Brion struck accurately and fast
and took another right step toward the throne.

Victory was quick, but Brion didn't yet have the throne.
Lucan stood, replendant in Byzantine armour.
The crowded gentles cheered, the cry went fast
throught the spectators. Then a hush, a pause
fell over the ladies and the lords. Cheers went idle
as Lucan, radiant, drew his sword.

Anna watched, Honor in an arm and a sword,
her love, one fight from a throne.
Brion and Lucan, blow for blow, never idle
with shield or strike and gleaming armour.
There was no relenting in their martial dance, no pause.
Matched as they were, it would be cast by whom could be fast.

Lucan struck high, but Brion's skill was too fast.
First to the leg, then body, Brion danced with his sword
and found the spot as Lucan's shield did pause
and not block the blow that was royally thrown.
Victory secure, Brion etched the sunlight with his armour
and stood proud. Tourney won, Honor's idol.

He earned a throne with shield and armour.
Never idle, his was the fastest blow.
Without pause, he must reign in honor what was won with sword.

© 2006 - Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs
Shire of Panther Vale

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