Brion and Anna
Royal Odes

A Warrior True
In Honor of Crown Tourney

The morn did dawn with gray and mist,
Rose to become the warrior fist.
Many did come to seek the day.
Many did rise to come and play.
Warriors all, fine and meek,
Eager eyes, the thrones they seek

Arose the tented walls of support,
In each one, a warrior, each sort.
The peal of cornets did ring out,
The noble did rise and seek their bout.
And to royalty did they bend and sway,
For did they seek an heir today.

Hordes of fighters, bent to task,
Seeking right to claim and ask.
The tourney begun, it did wend its way,
Many a champion did die this day.
But in the end, four fair and true,
Did remain and shine, as was their due.

Sir Konrad, fine and faire,
He did face Duke Brion square.
A wondrous racket, their swords rang true,
And in the match, a champion new.
But in the end, Brion claimed the right,
He advanced as victor this night.

The second match, a steely pair,
Count Thorvald, a Viking bear.
Returned to spar the chosen man,
The Noble Duke, Sir Lucan.
As battle drew nigh,
Lucan, Victor, ladies did sigh.

Now the crowds did draw in near,
Lust of battle, etched in fear.
The potent two did greet the field,
And neither duke did easy yield.
The contest long, dusk did descend,
But still the crowd did see no end.

The first, Duke Lucan claims the right,
The second, Duke Brion wins the fight.
The third, a battle good and true,
A warrior tale is borne anew.
And in the mud, and dark of night,
One still stands to claim this fight.

Brion, named victor still stands there.
And claims for Anna, his wife fair.
And to bended knee, before the crowd,
To accept the crown from his ruler proud.
Darius, Rex, did speak out loud.
And regale us with words avowed.

This I witnessed, fine and loud,
And in my eyes I am but proud.
Noble deeds were done this day,
And may my words wend its way.
A mighty Prince was born this day,
Our king doth have an heir today.

© 2005 - Mistress Andrea MacIntyre
Crown Province of Ostgardr

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