Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Gulf Wars XI

    The duchy was well represented this year, with members from three kingdoms. Duke Brion, Duchess Anna, Viscount Rapheal, Viscountess Kerij-e, Sir Gaston, Pia, Lord Duncan Forbes, Lady Eleanor, and Lord Duncan Kerr were present, along with Leaps and Dundee. A grand time was had by all, except maybe for the horses.

    <!--[+title+]-->Duke Brion Tarragon<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 57.2 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Viscountess Kerij-e<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 69.9 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lady Eleanor preparing for the St Anne charge<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 72.2 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->The Charge of St. Anne<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 55.2 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lady Eleanor<!--[-title-]--> (350x311, 41.9 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lord Duncan<!--[-title-]--> (283x340, 48.1 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lady Eleanor<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 65.3 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Viscount Rapheal the Rogue<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 68.6 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Helm and crest<!--[-title-]--> (255x340, 32.6 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Sir Brion and Sir Rapheal<!--[-title-]--> (460x337, 43.3 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Sir Rapheal<!--[-title-]--> (361x340, 53.7 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Mistress Kerij-e<!--[-title-]--> (315x340, 33.2 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Dundee's Bridle<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 63.1 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lance of the Cross<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 49.0 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Two Duncans<!--[-title-]--> (269x340, 29.4 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Duncan at the spear<!--[-title-]--> (539x340, 48.4 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Eleanor at the spear<!--[-title-]--> (400x340, 43.9 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Rapheal at the spear<!--[-title-]--> (421x287, 41.6 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Kerij-e at the spear<!--[-title-]--> (489x340, 37.9 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Rapheal at the rings<!--[-title-]--> (473x340, 46.7 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Eleanor at the quintain<!--[-title-]--> (395x340, 38.0 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Brion at the rings<!--[-title-]--> (334x340, 48.2 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Sir Gaston<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 61.4 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Lord Duncan Kerr<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 64.4 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Awww....<!--[-title-]--> (260x340, 42.3 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->Sir Brion<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 63.6 kilobytes)
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