Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Lord Uilleam mac Lenna'n

    Lord Uilleam (called Liam) is a man-at-arms to Duke Brion and the beloved husband of Lady Muirenn.

    Uilleam is a heavy-list fighter, an equestrian, and a maker of much cool stuff involving leather, wood and pewter. Together with his lady, he owns and trains Amos, the mucking-big black Percheron.

    Lord Uilleam's honors:

    • Maunche
    • Silver Crescent
    • Award of Arms
    • Queen's Honor of Distinction (Queen Isabella II)
    • Order of the Millstone (Stonemarche)
    • Tyger of Foreign Legions (Brion II & Anna II)

    Liam's arms

    Quarterly Or and vert, a cross couped inverted counterchanged between in bend a wolf's head erased and a horse's head erased sable.

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