Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Lady Eleanor fitzPatrick

    Mistress Eleanor and her noble steed

    Mistress Eleanor is a lady-in-waiting to Her Grace, Duchess Anna. She is the Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal of Horse, and the owner of Leaps & Bounds, Simba, and Chip. Her husband and champion is Baron Duncan Kerr, and their children are Aeryn fitzPatrick and Zachary Kerr. Together they head the household Equus Celox, a wholly-owned subsidary of Duchy Tarragon.

    Her personal site may be found here.

    Mistress Eleanor's honors:

    • Mistress of the Pelican
    • Court Baroness (Thorson & Svava)
    • Royal Augmentation of Arms (Brion II & Anna II)
    • Silver Cresent
    • Maunche
    • Award of Arms
    • Queen's Cypher (Anna)
    • Queen's Cypher (Moruadh II)
    • King's Cypher (Hanse II)
    • Seamstress to the Crown (Hanse I & Moruadh I)
    • Seamstress to the Crown (Brion & Anna)
    • Third Queen's Champion of Horse (Luna III)
    • Sixth King's Champion of Horse (Darius II)
    • Award of the Fountain (Atlantia)
    • Companion of the Company of St Anne
    • Second Stonemarche Baronial Champion of Horse

    Eleanor's arms

    Per pale gules and or, a cross quadrate couped, counterchanged.

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