Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Duke Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon

    His Grace Brion, on the noble steed Eclipse

    His Grace is the stalwart champion and adored husband of Duchess Anna, and father to Nigel and Duncan. Sir Brion is also the owner/rider of Dakota Tesoro. He is a Knight of the Society, a Companion of the Pelican, a Companion of the Laurel, and the esteemed head of our household.

    Duke Brion's personal page may be found here.

    His Grace's honors:

    • Duke (Atenveldt)
    • Count (Atenveldt)
    • Viscount (Artemisia)
    • Knight of the Society (Atenveldt)
    • Master of the Pelican (Atenveldt)
    • Master of the Laurel (Atenveldt)
    • Second Baron of Loch Salann
    • Lion of Atenveldt
    • Grant of Arms
    • Premier Golden Feather of Artemisia
    • Crystal of the Salt Waste
    • Court Baron
    • Premier Hawk's Lure (Atenveldt)
    • Fleur de Soleil (Atenveldt)
    • Maple Leaf of Artemisia
    • King's Sigil (Atenveldt)
    • Gryphon's Talon
    • Pillar of Artemisia
    • LUST (Outlands)
    • Flower of Chivalry (Loch Salann)
    • Golden Reflection(Loch Salann)
    • Award of Arms
    • Queen's Order of Courtesy (East)
    • Queen's Order of Grace (Atenveldt)
    • Third King's Equestrian Champion (East, Balfar III)
    • Companion of the Company of St Anne
    • Seventh King's Equestrian Champion (East, Gaufred Kelson I)

    Brion's arms

    Or, goutty de sang, a two-headed dragon sejant affronty, wings displayed, heads addorsed, azure, gorged with a ducal coronet Or.

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