Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Oak Camp Bed

    These pictures are of the oak slat bed that Lord Duncan Kerr made. These pictures show the bed fully constructed, but minus the slats. The wood is uncarved and unfinished at the point these pictures were taken. Detailed measurements can be found here.

    <!--[+title+]-->Oak bed<!--[-title-]--> (351x340, 48.1 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->detail of lower inside rail<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 53.0 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->detail of lower inside rail<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 66.7 kilobytes) <!--[+title+]-->detail of pegged joint<!--[-title-]--> (453x340, 71.7 kilobytes)
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